Constipation Remedies – a Basic Guide

Section 1 : Laxatives

Laxatives Can Kill You if Not Taken Correctly

Ok not exactly… there is a bit of truth to that, but it would take a few hundred dollars worth of over the counter laxatives to overdose.. and I am sure most of my readers are smarter than that! There are many types of laxatives ranging from natural (found in food) to over the counter.

Laxatives are used to help produce a bowel movement when you feel bloated and blocked up. Over the counter laxatives are easy enough to find at the store, however, if you are in search of a more natural laxative here is a list of a few natural laxative resources:

  • Prunes: Prunes and especially prune juice will typically produce a bowel movement within 6-8 hours. For ultimate effectiveness, warm up the prune juice. Warm prune juice hits the digestive system quicker
  • Water: The most common cause of constipation is simple dehydration. Go and chug a few glasses of water right now and see how it makes you feel. Laxatives work by adding water to your digestive system helping to break up the fecal matter. The more water you have in your system, the better laxatives will work on you.
  • Coffee: If you’ve ever had a cup of hot coffee on an empty stomach you likely already know how effective it can be at clearing out a backed up stomach.

*Bonus! Here is a quick info graphic that should help you produce a bowel movement in the next 24 hours:*

produce a bowel movement

*Laxatives are a great way to relieve constipation issues quickly. However, it’s important to remember that over the counter laxatives are not permanent solutions to constipation. There are some terrible side effects that come with prolonged laxative use.

Section 2: Probiotics

Are Probiotics the Answer to Prolonged Constipation Relief?

If you are chronically constipated and not taking a daily probiotic you are missing out on one of the most effective and affordable permanent cures for constipation. Probiotcs are a cheap investment that’s effects can be seen in more ways than just constipation relief.

Probiotics are microorganisms that help to regulate the digestive and auto-immune system. You’ve heard of antibiotics? Antibiotics prevent bacteria from spreading throughout your body and probiotics actually promote bacteria in your body. Probiotics for the benefit of constipation come in many different forms including yogurt, other fermented foods, and in a concentrated pill form.

The Science

Probiotics and constipation

Probiotics are one of very few effective methods relieving IBS related symptoms

In the last few years the science behind probiotics has grown tremendously, making these positive bacteria a staple in digestive regulation. There are a number of different strains of probiotics out there that each have their own use. Some are used to prevent diarrhea, while others are used to actually promote digestion and more frequent bowel movements.

Probiotics Are Effective!

If you find yourself suffering from IBS or IBS related symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, or gas and bloating I highly recommend that you take a look at the probiotics available on Amazon or at your local market. Amazon is a great place to shop for probiotics as they have a huge variety and each product often has many reviews you can read before actually purchasing. I’ve had personal experiences with a few probiotic strains and will go into them in the recommended products section below.

Recommended Reading:

Section 3: Diet

Diet Can Make or Break a Sensitive Digestive System

One of the most important (arguably the MOST important) things you can do to help with constipation is to take a good look at your diet. Your diet can make or break your ficcal digestive system. Everyone’s digestive system is completely different – it’s important to remember this when deciding on what you will be eating today.

Just because your friend is able to put down 3 bean and cheese burritos with a side of fried churros and have no consequences doesn’t mean you can. Everyone is different and trying to fight that is just going to end up in bloating and a backed up digestive system.

It’s not all about what you can’t eat though, here are some delicious things you can add to your daily diet that will greatly help with constipation and bloating.

constipation diet

Vegetables are a delicious and simple way to add fiber to your diet

  • Dried Fruits
  • Wheat Breads
  • Broccoli, Spinach, and basically all green vegetables
  • Apples
  • High Fiber Breakfast cereals
  • High Fiber nuts such as almonds(no legumes!)

You can read more about why you should be eating these foods here. As a bonus, here are some great natural cures for constipation as well.

The most important thing you should be ingesting daily is water… and lots of it. A big glass of water as soon as you wake up and a big glass of water 5 minutes later will have a huge impact on your day.

Section 4: Exercise

If You’re Not Exercising You Might Deserve to be Constipated

Obviously not everybody who doesn’t exercise deserves to be constipated as injuries and other ailments can come into play, however, always remember that even the smallest amount of exercise can be extremely beneficial for your digestive system.

Why Exercise?

exercise and constipation

Exercise if a fun and easy way to stimulate your digestive system

Exercise is a fantastic, efficient, and easy way to help relieve stomach issues. The benefits of exercise reach much further than constipation/bloating/IBS relief, however, in this article I will be discussing the unique benefits that exercise brings to your digestive system. Aerobic exercise is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your digestive tract. When the gastrointestinal tract receives the extra blood flow and circulation provided via aerobic exercise intestinal contractions are stronger. Along with the increased strength of intestinal contractions, aerobic exercise produces extra digestive enzymes making it easier for the body to eliminate waste. Essentially, aerobic exercise makes your body work more efficiently.

The Easiest Exercise

Running, hiking, brisk walks, and biking are all considered aerobic exercise. If you feel you have no time for exercise my only suggestion is to make time! Simply taking a walk around the block for 20 minutes a day can have astronomical effects on your digestive system!
Check out this article to learn more about the importance of exercise on your digestive health as well as some really interesting benefits that yoga has on regularity and consistency in bowel movements.

Section 5: Recommended Products

Doctor Constipation Recommended Products – Only Premium Recommendations

We here at Doctor Constipation headquarters have collectively tried just about every constipation and IBS related product on the market. In this section we will recommend some great products that we’ve had a lot of success with.

Probiotics: Check out this page for a list of what we think, are the best probiotics available right now. All of these work fantastically, and have been vetted by our team here to ensure that we are recommending only the highest quality products

Digestive Enzymes: These are a great addition to any persons diet and are especially good for those that suffer from disorders like celiac disease where they can not digest certain nutrients properly. Take a look at our reviews of the best digestive enzymes to see which one will work best for you.

good products for constipationFor immediate relief I suggest magnesium citrate. This product which you can buy at any Target or Walmart will make you go within 30 minutes to an hour – guaranteed. Be warned things can get a little out of control with this product if you catch my drift. Only use when there are no other options!

If you have some extra cash available, check out Squatty Potty for a natural position promoter. Go to the bathroom like you’re body was designed to! You can read more about why it may be beneficial for you to use the Squatty Potty or products like it, check out an article I wrote detailing the benefits of squatting to poop.

Finally, for severe constipation caused by surgery/opiates I recommend Colace stool softeners. These are a great product that will consistently clear things up within 24 hours.

Welp, that’s it for The Ultimate Guide to Constipation! If you enjoyed it please share with friends, and if you’ve got some tips or tricks to add please sound off in the comments!


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